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Glow-worm not only produce award winning high efficiency domestic boilers, but we also offer intelligent controls, hot water cylinders and a range of renewable technologies all boasting low energy consumption reducing both your costs and your carbon footprint.
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Combi Boilers
Glow worm have combi boilers to suit all budgets and space requirements. High Efficiency Ultracom range, Flexicom cx, Betacom2, Ultimate c and Easicom central heating boilers.
Heating Boilers
All of the regular heat only condensing boilers are High Efficiency and work great as part of Glow-worm's complete central heating boilers systems.
System Boilers
All of the system boilers are designed to work as part of a complete central heating boiler system. As part of Glow-worm's complete central heating systems, we recommend Glow-worm cylinders, controls and accessories.
Glow-worm's range of controls are specifically designed to work with Glow-worm appliances, creating highly efficient heating systems and further home comfort.
Heat Pumps
A straightforward high performance range of heat pumps utilising the next generation in renewable energy technology.
Hydracyl-HP Cylinder range. Designed especially for Heat Pumps.
Flurocyl2 Cylinder.
Dedicated hot water cylinder for Clearly Solar
Clearly Solar
Everything you need in a solar water heating solution.
Can be installed on roof, in roof or even on a flat roof.
Reduces reliance on using a boiler, saving carbon and lowering energy bills.
Delivers 50 - 60% of domestic hot water every year – free!
Clearly Hybrid
A system which uses advanced controls to select the most cost effective method of heating.
Peace of mind against uncertainty of LPG/oil supply and reduces energy bills.
Constant heat and hot water provided by using either boiler or heat pump. Combines a heat pump and high efficiency boiler system.
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