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Grant Boilers
Grant award winning Vortex oil fired condensing boilers to the latest renewable technologies like solar thermal, air source heat pumps, cylinders and the new Spira condensing biomass boilers (wood pellet),  Grant heating systems have a reputation for quality that is second to none.
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Oil  Boilers
Designs like the ‘Multi Pass’ boiler achieved efficiency levels far in excess of any UK or European Standards and have helped thousands of homes to reduce their annual fuel bills. So it will come as no surprise to see Grant yet again leading the way with the Grant Vortex oil-fired condensing boiler range with exceptional SAP2009 efficiencies up to 93.3% gross (97% gross for SAP2005).

Grant’s ultra high efficiency Vortex Condensing Range has been on the market for over 10 years and now features 39 different model variations, with outputs ranging from 12-70kW (50,000 240,000 Btu/h).
Wood Pellet Biomass Boilers
The Vecta is a perfect option for rural homeowners looking to reduce heating bills and take advantage of the financial incentives under the Domestic RHI. Modulating output of 4-16kW, award winning condensing heat exchanger.
Automatic pellet feed and ignition, self-cleaning system for heat exchangers and burner brazier.

With outputs from 6kW to 72kW, the unique Grant Spira Condensing Wood Pellet Boiler range combines easy installation with straightforward daily operation and low maintenance. Single units are available in outputs of 6-26kW and 9-36kW.  They come complete with a pellet hopper and feed auger, which automatically supplies the Spira with fuel.
Heat Pumps
he Grant Aerona ASHE range of air source heat pumps provides householders with a cost effective renewable option to traditional off-gas heating methods.

The range features units with greater operating efficiencies at lower external temperatures, larger outputs to match the type of properties encountered and reduced noise levels when products are in use. Models are available in 6.5kW, 8.5kW, 12.5kW, 17.5kW and 21.5kW outputs (without the immersion back up).
Grant DuoWave, DuoWave Plus, Heat Pump cylinders and ThermaWave stores have sizes ranging between 125 and 500 litres. These extremely efficient appliances have been designed to be coupled with almost any household hot water system from oil and gas boilers to electric heating, air source heat pumps and even solar thermal
The Grant Sahara thermal collector has a durable aluminium frame, with a dark bronze finish which blends with most roof types, but looks especially good on a dark or red tiled roof.
Features 4mm self cleaning glass, has a copper absorber with Sun-select coating, giving better solar absorption. Unique serpentine pipe configuration within the collectors ensures maximum heat transfer and eliminates air locks.
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