hot water cylinders

Hot Water Cylinders

Vented & Unvented Cylinders
We are registered (G3) to install and service unvented and vented hot water cylinders.
Hot water cylinders are mains-pressure unvented and gravity-fed open vented systems. A hot water cylinder heats water either by an electric immersions or a coil fed by a boiler or other heat source such as solar.
Cylinders are made from stainless steel or copper and will be direct or indirect.
Unvented Cylinder
Unvented Cylinders
For high flow rate showering without the need of pumps, we service and install unvented mains pressure hot water cylinders such as Megaflo, Mains, Oso etc.
Unvented cylinders should be serviced annually. Call to book an appointment.
Vented Cylinders
Vented cylinders are
more of a traditional type cylinder in the UK, these are fed by a water tank above the cylinder usually in the loft and generally supply water to the taps at a low pressure. We can replace a leaking hot water cylinder or faulty immersion heater.
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