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Your boiler is the heart of your home and probably one of the most significant items in your home, particularly during the cold winter months . We’re sure we have everything you need to make choosing your new boiler a simple process. When you choose to purchase a new boiler it may be unexpected so you will probably want a local and trustworthy boiler installer right away.
Did you know, your boiler will account for around 55% of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so a new boiler could make a huge difference.Upgrading your old boiler with an A-rated, high efficiency new boiler could save you more than £300 in a year on your energy bills*
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Combi Boilers
Ideal combi boilers are available in a number of sizes and styles to suite a wide range of new domestic boiler installations.
The Ideal combi boiler ranges have a compact size so perfect for when space is limited and their quiet operation means they can be fitted almost anywhere in the home. View our combi boiler range below.
Heating Boilers
A range of boilers including a floor standing boiler with different outputs from 12kW, to 36kW, the heat only range is a dependable solution for both new build or replacement installations alike, fully supported by a 7 year parts and labour warranty for complete peace of mind*.

*7 year warranty available until 31.12.2015
System Boilers
The System boiler range of appliances from Ideal provide a simple and reliable solution for a wide variety of sealed domestic systems. Available in a choice of four outputs – 15kW, 18kW, 24kW and 30kW, the Logic System provides a dependable and efficient solution for new and replacement installations alike.
Ideal Boilers range of controls are specifically designed to work with Ideal heating appliances.
providing continuous, timed or off mode and includes room temperature controls as well as a programmable room thermostat and wireless controls.
Heat Pumps
The Ideal Airtherm has been designed specifically for the UK maritime climate with its relatively high humidity levels and provides a simple and dependable solution, delivering around 100% of the annual heating and domestic hot water for a wide variety of properties. Ideal Airtherm heat pumps provide an excellent efficiency performance of up to 400% (dependent on duty). The normal measure of efficiency is the coefficient of performance (COP) which usually varies between two and four dependent on external air temperatures, humidity and heating temperatures. The range is particularly suitable for well-insulated properties and those without a mains gas supply.
The Ideal Thermstore range of stainless steel unvented, indirect cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards. We have eight models in the range all with a 2 years parts and labour warranty so you can be sure the Thermstore allies the twin demands of excellent product quality with outstanding value.
To compliment our range of solar thermal products, the Ideal Solar Thermstore range of unvented cylinders is now available. Available in five sizes, all of which come complete with a 2 year warranty, the Ideal Solar Thermstore range is certain to suit your cylinder needs no matter the situation. 25 year vessel warranty.
Ideal technology provides solar thermal solutions with flat plate collectors.
Delivering an average of up to 60% of the homes annual domestic hot water, Ideal solar thermal offers pressurised systems which collect solar radiation from the sun and transfers it into a heat absorbent fluid. This system works in conjunction with a system or heat only boiler which supplements the system when required.

Quick and simple to install, Ideal flat plate collectors can be mounted in-roof or on-roof with minimum fuss. Available in a choice of easy to specify packs, Ideal solar thermal offers a hassle free solar thermal solution, designed for a wide variety
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