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 Vaillant Heating
For over 140 years Vaillant has led the way in developing and manufacturing innovative heating and hot water systems.
Vaillant are committed to developing new heating innovations which set new standards in quality, performance, reliability and efficiency, bringing you greater levels of heating comfort, and helping you to reduce your energy bills.
Choose Vaillant whether you’re looking for award winning boilers, hot water cylinders, intuitive controls to give you even more flexibility with your heating system, or are interested in renewable heating technologies.
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Combi Boilers
The ecoTEC exclusive offers something really special for larger (or older) properties with a greater hot water demand, looking to install a combination boiler. Built with all the great benefits of the plus boiler range, this model offers the highest levels of performance for a combination boiler. The ecoTEC exclusive is also sold with a 5 year parts and labour guarantee as standard, with a 7 year guarantee available when your boiler is installed by an Advance installer.
Heating Boilers
Open vent boilers ecoTEC Plus
415, 418, 428, 438
The ecoTEC plus range of high efficiency open vent boilers offers fantastic efficiency levels and high performance, with great usability. For homes which already use a traditional open vented system (with a storage cylinder and cold water tank), this extremely compact, highly versatile and kitchen friendly boiler makes the perfect upgrade.
System Boilers
The ecoTec Plus
612, 615, 618, 624, 630, 637
The ecoTEC plus high efficiency system boiler range combines fantastic efficiency levels and high performance with great usability. Usually installed with a hot water cylinder this system boiler can be filled directly from the water mains, meaning that you (normally) won’t need a cold water tank (F&E) in the loft, and it will ensure you have a large versatile and kitchen friendly boiler makes the perfect upgrade.
Proper control of central heating and domestic hot water systems can provide a comfortable living environment and help to minimise fuel costs.

Central heating and Domestic Hot Water controls are key to delivering greater efficiency. Vaillant offer a comprehensive range of controls, all enabling cost effective use of domestic heating.
Heat Pumps
The aroTHERM range of 5, 8, 11 and 15kW air to water heat pumps is a renewable technology range which generates heat for your home using energy from the outside air.

The aroTHERM heat pump system can help you to significantly save money on your fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your reliance on traditional fossil fuels for home heating, and instead harness energy from natural resources.
Unvented Cylinders
Vaillant have a range of unvented cylinders on offer. The latest range of stainless steel unvented cyliders provide options allowing you to select between a broad range of capacities, from 120 litres up to 310 litres.
In addition, a high recovery heating coil and superb reheat times, which are among the best in class, make uniSTOR the only choice in unvented cylinders. And what’s more, the uniSTOR range is fully compatible both with Vaillant system boilers (high efficiency ecoTEC and standard efficiency thermoCOMPACT boilers).
The auroTHERM exclusive range of solar thermal systems, is a renewable technology range which can deliver up to 60% of your annual domestic hot water requirements, by installing premium vacuum tube collectors (panels) on the roof of your property, which are connected to an indoor pump system, hot water cylinder and system boiler.
Vaillant Hybrid Systems
The Vaillant aroTHERM Hybrid is an innovative and creative heating solution which combines an aroTHERM air to water heat pump and a high efficiency boiler in one system, and automatically selects between the use of the two heating sources, depending on which is the most cost effective to use for your heating and hot water, at any time.
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