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Selecting your boiler is an extremely important decision. Not only do you want the boiler to reduce your energy costs through its’ efficiency, but you also want it to be durable and last as long as the heating system; that means the quality of engineering and components is a key requirement.
Viessmann can draw on 95 years of experience in technical excellence. We manufacture the critical components, the heat exchanger and gas burner, in our Viessmann factory in the heart of Germany.
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Combi Boilers
The gas fired condensing boilers Vitodens 100-W P25 and P29 offer high heating and DHW comfort at a good price/performance ratio.

Suitable for installation in any home where there is limited space, the Vitodens 100-W P25/P29 is ideal for a flat or small family home. a

The Vitodens 100-W range is equipped with the Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger, which provides the required reliability and the guarantee of a long life for the condensing boiler.
Heating Boilers
With a depth of only 285 mm (340 mm on the 35 kW model) the compact Vitodens 100-W Open vent boiler is perfectly suited for integration into standard kitchen cupboards. It can also be used in a vast number of other applications where there is only limited space available.

Rated outputs: 13 kW, 16 kW, 19 kW, 26 kW and 35 kW
Standard 5 year parts and labour warranty
10 year warranty on Inox-Radial heat exchanger
Weather compensation option
LPG conversion available
Large user display
Storage Boilers
The gas fired compact condensing boiler Vitodens 242-F, with integral DHW cylinder, is factory prepared for the direct connection of a solar thermal system. The solar control module is already integrated and is regulated via the Vitotronic 200 control unit. A convenient DHW supply is ensured by the 170 litre dual mode DHW cylinder.
For ease of handling, the Vitodens 242-F can be transported in two parts.

DHW cylinder with 170 litre capacity and solar indirect coil
Solar coverage up to 60%
Full range of solar kits, containing every required component, are available for the Vitodens 242-F
With the Vitotrol 300 RF wireless remote control unit, users always have access to their heating system right at their fingertips. The large colour touch screen display with clear functions makes the operation even easier than on the Vitotronic 200, which is fitted to the boiler itself. The Vitotrol 300 RF is sited with its charging dock inside the living space , either on a table top or wall mounted charger, from which the control can be removed for convenient operation. This makes it an ideal choice for retrofitting, as no wiring is required.
Heat Pumps
With the Vitocal 350-A air / water heat pump, with a nominal heat output of 10.6 to 18.5 kW, modernising is easy. Developed by Viessmann, the additional vapour injection in the compression process (EVI cycle) enables flow temperatures up to 65 ° C - even with chilly outside air temperatures. The air / water heat pump can work very well in older systems where radiators are installed.
Vitocell 200 cylinders are built to a high specification for long term durability, mechanical strength and reliability. Manufactured from Duplex stainless steel, they are designed to resist all forms of corrosion including crevice and stress.
High performance and minimal heat loss are achieved by a minimum of  50 mm polyurethane foam insulation, which is injected into the case and covers both domes.
The Vitosol 300-T high performance vacuum tube collector operates according to the proven heat pipe principle. It consequently offers particularly high operational reliability. One of the specific applications of the Vitosol 300-T is in systems with long phases of high solar irradiation without heat transfer, so called stagnation phases.
Bio mass
The Vitoligno 300-P sells itself through exceptional efficiency and high operational reliability. With its output spectrum from 4 kw to 48 kW, Viessmann offers a tailor-made solution for any heat demand.
The Vitoligno 300-P always matches its output precisely to the prevailing heat demand. For this, the rated output is modulating down from 100% to 30% by simply shutting off sections of the second and third pass.
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