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 Worcester Greenstar Boilers
Worcester manufactures heating and hot water appliances for the home.
Their range comprises gas boilers, oil boilers, smart control, solar water heating, ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps.
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Combi Boilers
With more than 1 million Greenstar i Juniors already installed, the award-winning boiler series is already well-established in the UK.
The Greenstar Highflow CDi combi boilers are floor-standing. These boilers have been specifically developed for larger two bathroom properties where there is a heavier requirement for heating and hot water.
Heating Boilers
The Greenstar Ri regular boilers are the smallest of Worcesters condensing boilers - they can even be installed within a standard kitchen cabinet.
These boilers are available in 4 different outputs which means that there’s one to suit small, medium and larger properties.
The Greenstar CDi boilers are our top performing floor & wall-mounted regular boilers.
System Boilers
Greenstar i System boilers are a good option for small to medium sized properties. They have compact dimensions which means that they can be installed in a variety of places.
The Greenstar 30CDi Classic System boiler is Worcester Bosch top performing system boiler. It’s suited to bigger properties with a larger heating requirement.
The Worcester Wave’s intuitive and modern design ensures it is very simple to operate using either its in-built touch screen or the Wave app from wherever you are.
The most advanced range of controls from Worcester not only responds to your personal settings but also assess and adjusts the boiler’s output to make it more energy efficient.
Heat Pumps
Greensource air source heat pumps provide heating and hot water for the home. In this compact monobloc design all of components are contained in the outdoor unit. Only the domestic hot water cylinder and control display are installed inside the property for connection to the heating system.

Greenstore twin coil cylinder offers you a hot water cylinder to use with your boiler if you’re considering solar water heating now or in the future. They are highly insulated to reduce loss of heat and will give you the hot water you need quickly. They are available in a range of sizes to suit your hot water storage need
Solar-Lux evacuated tube panels offer solar hot water luxury and are the optimum investment in hot water comfort. The technology within these solar panels provides both high output and high efficiency, even when conditions are not optimal.
The Greenskies solar panels are designed to go with existing heating systems that use a cylinder to store hot water.
Oil Boilers
Greenstar oil boilers are condensing boilers and run at 90% efficiency or over.
Danesmoor regular heating boilers - Central heating outputs in ranges from 12kw to 32kW.
Heatslave combination boilers - Central heating outputs in ranges from 12 to 32kW.
Danesmoor system boilers -
Central heating outputs in ranges from 12kw to 32.
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